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Ros and Lynn are grateful to their clients who have asked to share their experiences withe others:

"I called Ros as I was looking for a practitioner of trigger point therapy. I was suffering from a frozen shoulder of some ten months duration. I was in a lot of pain, on strong prescription anti-inflammatories and prescription pain killers. It was affecting my life to the extent that I was unable to drive. It is hard to explain how debilitating this was. Any movement of the arm caused excruciating pain.

It is no exaggeration to say that Ros gave me back my life. Within two weeks, and two treatments I was off all my painkillers and another two weeks after that saw me off the anti-inflammatories. I regained movement that I had been unable to do for literally months. Ros and I worked together over several weeks and I have now regained almost full range of movement. I have to doubt that I would not be painfree were it not for these treatments.

I have also had some treatments which help with back pain. I would recommend Ros and her wonderful healing hands to anyone."


from Penicuik

"I attended (Rosslyn Alternatives) once a fortnight. This was my lifeline and when you have had a full body massage your muscles soon know about it! The experience was that my mind, body and breathing became so relaxed and my thought processes much clearer. What is also amazing is that I started to feel good without having to take any medication. Through holistic massage and talking to the therapist I was able to put my problems into some perspective and understand why my mind and body was reacting the way it was.

After several sessions of massage I started to wonder why I had ever felt to bad in the first place. I started to feel extremely well again.......Massage and therapy are now part of my life!"

The full article, "Whose Evidence is it Anyway" in The Point magazine Issue no 26 can be downloaded from the Publications menu on the SAMH website.

"The Point" magazine

Client said in an article

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