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Myofascial Release

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Stone massage therapy has been around in many different cultures for many years. Healers used smooth stones from the river beds and warmed them using coals or hot waters. Wrapping them in cloths, they would place them on the body to relax muscles, reduce pain and stimulate healing.

Used in massage therapy, smooth basalt stones are heated in hot water. Like the older traditions, they can be placed on the body over a towel, following the energy centres. As they cool slightly, they can be used to massage the body in much the same way as the therapist’s hands – to soothe aching muscles, seek out those knots and crinkles and ease away stress.

Hot stone massage allows the therapist to blend their skills with the natural energy of the stones. The addition of moist heat induces a deep relaxation in the muscles which means that where required, deep tissue work can be done more effectively.

Therapist giving a hot stone massage to client

Who can benefit from a hot stone massage?

It is a massage which clients find can help to induce a very deep sense of relaxation.Hot stone massage is also a really good treatment for those who feel the cold! Also because the heat relaxes muscles quickly, it does allow the therapist to work the muscles without using a deep pressure. It is thought the hot stones can benefit those who suffer from

Poor circulation

Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain

Stress, anxiety and tension



Back pain and aches

What can I expect from hot stone massage at Rosslyn Alternatives?

The stones that Ros and Lynn  use are smooth basalt stones heated in a hot water heater in the therapy room. They will always check their temperature before using them. Your therapist will incorporate stones into your massage treatment, and they may place teh hot stones on your body through a towel, use them to massage you with smooth flowing strokes, and resolve knots of tension in your muscles.

iStock - hot stones in hand

They will probably then continue the treatment using a combination of stone and other techniques to suit you and your needs.
Certain conditions may benefit from the use of cold stones in conjunction with the heated ones, and Lynn or Ros will discuss this with you prior to your treatment.

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with us with any questions or comments. 

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