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FAQs about our training

We try and give you all the information you need on our website to make a decision about our training - but please email us any questions you have and we'll keep our FAQs updated!

Why aren't there any dates for the course or workshops I want to do?

We try and keep all our course material fresh and updated. There are many modaities and techniques for soft tissue work and as we learn and apply these techniques we want to share them. This means that we take certain courses off for a while and run others to keep what we offer as fresh as possible! Email us and we'll add you to the emailing list and let you know as soon as there are confirmed dates.

Can I come to the stone therapy workshop even though I don't have a qualification in massage and associated anatomy and physiology?

The stone therapy course is accredited as a post graduate course for massage therapists. We ask for a minmum level three in Swedish Massage and the physiology and anatomy. It would not be possible for you to get insurance to practice this professionally without meeting these requirements. Please email us if you would like to discuss your own qualifications and whether you would be eligible.

Does Rosslyn Alternatives run other workshops that aren't on the website?

No, we keep our website and social media pages as up to date as we can possibly - if we don't tell people they won't come on our courses! But if there is something you would be interested in seeing amongst what we offer, then please email us. We're always happy to get suggestions!

Is the Diploma in Holistic Massage the same as Swedish Massage?

Certainly we teach all the elements of the Swedish style of massage. But we also teach students more tools and techniques, such as stretching, deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy and more. We do not teach a routine, but our students learn to work with their clients and give them the best treatment they can do for that client on that day.

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